Complexity made accessible

Ruimtevolk / PBL

complexity made accessible

Last September we were approached by Ruimtevolk and PBL (a Dutch environmental assessment agency). We were asked to join forces with them and help present the results of their latest study. They are used to conducting extensive research and were looking for a way to present their results online as well as at an event. As it is natural for these guys to generate loads of content we had plenty to work with. Parallel to their usual reseach process we took it upon ourselves to visually summarize their efforts and create bite-sized chunks of  relevant content. Frontwise then helped us pour all of it into a smooth interactive mold.

where innovation thrives and why

The importance of innovation for progress is being recognised more and more. This raises the following question: what contextual elements can we designate that stimulate innovation? Is innovation site specific? Decades of research tell us it is. What is it then, that distinguishes these areas from others? Are there key elements that are demonstrably beneficial to innovative people, companies and industries? There are, six were found and they are interrelated. We’ve managed to capture all of them in one visual metaphor called the garden of innovation where you’ll find them represented by components like local buzz and urbanity.

The garden of innovation

We created an interactive visualisation that summarizes the results of this exploration. An introductory video leads you to the garden of innovation where you can intuitively stroll through the six core elements for succesful innovative areas. For those who want more, six in-depth longreads have been written by Ruimtevolk. These longreads and the platform they were published on are interconnected to the digital platform created by us. Together they embody the full concept and content that was initially envisioned. We’ve loved working on this project and are in love with the product we realised. We feel we’ve managed to convey complex information in a clear manner without compromising its complexity. You can find the results of our collective efforts HERE.

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Hr 4a767b40a822117fb2856d6d28a3fad4560a455caaadaa2ec27b9afdad2d3203
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