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Become a trusted business coach


Become a trusted business coach

“Set up a new office location”, that was the original assignment, but these 4 directors wanted more. They wanted to improve the way they and all their colleagues cooperate with clients, taking actions by which they earn their trust. No longer should clients be a project to manage, clients are humans would are helped with a ‘business coach’, With this intention they set out to apply 3 values to transform the attitude and approach of everybody, including themselves.

Redesigning the way we work

Capturing and visualising current behaviour and wanted behaviour is a lot fun! Quickly however we were co-designing new approaches in order to implement this wanted attitude change. On how to involve colleagues, how to change the way they work with clients and where they could be a coach to each other! We adapted the visual to support these new processes.

Scale up nationally

Meanwhile this program got picked up on a national level. This project was growing beyond the one office and was to be deployed among 18 offices in the whole of the Netherlands. The story can be told on a strategic level, understood by everybody on all levels of the organisation and includes a hands-on process to transform the intentions into tangible actions. Write you actions on a small paper and add it, as your commitment, to the main visual. As of today, thats how Deloitte makes good on being a ‘trusted business coach’ to their clients and themselves.

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