Agri Meets Design

Designers supporting farmers

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Designers supporting farmers

In the world of today farmers need to be true entrepreneurs if they want to be successful. Therefore the Ministry of Economic Affairs started a program which connects farmers with designers. Thus helping them to look at their business through creative, more holistic glasses, and seeing opportunities.
Jam was asked for the role as ‘design thinker’ to help a group of people from different fields within the agri-chain.  “Support the group in finding a shared goal, and guide them through the first steps of starting a new way of cooperation”.

The story we share

In a working environment everybody’s work ethos is unique. When a group of people has the intention to really work together based on an innovative concept, succes depends on how much their own vision and way of working can co-exist and overlap. In the JAM proces visualization proved to be a powerful tool in finding shared understanding. Creating a sketch wherein our cooperation is represented  acted as a visual contract. A derived function is that our sketch can be used as a communication tool to tell the shared story. 

Telling our story

Through a series of design meetings we created a visual model where everybody agreed upon. In the model we address ‘necessity, ‘philosophy’, ‘way of working’ and ‘dot on the horizon’.  Part of the proces was to convince our audience and start a community. The Dutch Design Week was an excellent platform to meet customers and start a dialogue.

At the dutch design week

“Fantastisch verhaal, vind de aardappel meteen nòg lekkerder” - pilot Nieuwe Verdienmodellen: 

Kijk hier de video

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