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"How can we turn the Brouwersdam, one of Holland's famous Delta Works, into a leisure hotspot that's unique in Europe?" That was the starting point for Bertus van der Tuuk (Vandertuuk Revisited, tourism and leisure consultant) and Bas Kennis (Concert at Sea, Bløf) to organize a 48 hour workshop with a group of 50 participants consisting of entrepreneurs and local policy makers and supported by 10 inspiring keynote speakers and JAM visual thinking. The first challenge: how to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and policy makers.


For the participants it becomes easy to share their different perspectives through sketches that JAM draws on the spot. Inspired by the input from the keynote speakers, the participants (both entrepreneurs and local policy makers) build new ideas and combine them in a new concept for the 'future hotspot Brouwersdam'. The sketches from JAM enable the participants to quickly iterate and create new ideas. The result is a visual story that is created by all participants of the workshop, which can easily be shared with the rest of the world.


The final concept combines an already planned tidal power plant with the possibility of securing the existing beach which is an important hotspot for kitesurfing. Policy makers from both the Provinces of Zuid-Holland and Zeeland are enthusiastic and adjusting their plans in order to implement the concept. Besides that, the entrepreneurs combine forces and start the Platform Pioniers Brouwersdam. This platform is a commitment to organize and communicate events together in order to have more impact as a tourist hotspot Brouwersdam.

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