Video is  a powerful and engaging medium


A video scribe is an effective means of story telling as video is  a powerful and engaging medium. We start with a written story and design visualisations according to the target audience, translating it into a understandable and empathic video. 

T36 & 3X FILM

Together with our clients and our divers partnership with different film production parties like T36 or 3xFilm, we create a story of about 3 to 5 minutes. The trick is to maintain that attention span of the viewer, to create a flowing and logical spoken story complemented by the visuals.  


It is great fun to work in such close collaboration with both the client and the film production party. This relation allows us to align our focus on the seamless flow of the story. It also challenges our creativity to design metaphors and analogies that complement the written story and add value beyond being a mere translation.

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