A sales story for the global leaders in GRC software

BWise – a NASDAQ company


Three things are true about Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) management.They are inevitable, expensive and complex. Very complex.
So selling GRC solutions isn’t easy. That’s why BWise turned to JAM. 


We got to know Luc & Robert, Founder/CTO and CEO of BWise, as two passionate, intelligent social entrepeneurs. Their formal request was to design a story with matching tools for their global sales force. Their informal goal was to be able to tell friends, at birthday parties, what they do for a living, without people changing the subject to soccer…



We started our journey at it’s destination: the sales meeting. The needs of the customers of BWise. What moves CEO’s of mulit billion dollar companies? Trust, growth, reputation. Our goal was to relate these needs to the propositon of BWise in a clear story.
In six months time we worked together with BWise to design their story. JAM developed flexible visual tools for both internal en external communicationt touchpoints, ranging from specific system architecture language to abstract boardtalk.This is an example of the first feedback:

“(...) and I just had our first experience with presenting the BWise system integration via JAM visuals. The slides are truly great and support our message very well on how BWise could leverage incident and c­ase management across all levels of the (...) organization”.


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