September 06, 2013
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Written by: Dennis Luijer

JAM was host to one of the "let's play innovation" Master classes of the Dutch management and training company de Baak. The idea was to create program around the empowerment of people to make their mark in an innovation driven world more visible and connectable. JAM was challenged to merge two programs together. Our drawing skill program familiar under the name of DARE2DRAW and a new program called DRAW-IT-OUT, which had a focus on telling your story with your own visuals. This master class was a perfect accelerator for JAM to experiment with one of our own storylines surrounding our model on THINK, DRAW, SHARE.

The morning was spent on becoming more conscious about WHY YOU would like to be able to use DRAWING in your personal context, followed by a 5 step boot camp program to improve your grip on your own visual language & library. This resulted in a wall filled with visual translations of desire subjects that the group could add to their personal visual toolkit. We were amazed by the complexity of what people wanted to be able to draw! It wasn’t anything like tree, house or mountains. The bar was set pretty high by asking for translations of change, process, learning and erections… In the end the wall was photographed within their clusters to share with the participants.

The afternoon had a different focus. The idea was to zoom in on the basics of storytelling and add the visual dimension to strengthen the story. For this JAM has some simple models that help you to think & gather the right information for the right people and for the right reasons. The participants were challenged in a 1 on 1 interview to get their stories straight after which JAM introduced some basic forms to use as guides when telling your story. The day ended with 12 short presentations that were all appreciated by the group sharing their constructive criticisms.

JAM would like to thank the whole group and de Baak for their positive feedback and presence! The visual results are already starting to have their effect and we will share a summery of the day next week! Good results, great vibes & awesome people who will hopefully follow our final thought:  1 drawing per day… and keep sharing!

To be continued!

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