Collaborate, then share

August 05, 2013
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Written by: Freya Ruijs


In our development process we collaborate with our clients, using all our own expertise and that of the client to make the best possible designs for them. You would say it ends after that, but it doesn’t. After the designing comes the sharing with your audience, which is equally important, if not more, than the design. And even if you pull together all the design capabilities, you can never truly understand how it feels to use a design, until you’ve tested it. An example that illustrates this very well is the testing of a template we’ve developped together with the WUR (wageningen university)

The testing took place on a very idyllic farm in the east of the Netherlands. This template that we tested, is developed to support agrarian entrepreneurs while thinking on their future company vision. In our vision on the template, it should help the entrepreneurs to create some overview of their own wishes for the future and formulate some precise steps towards it. And we were curious to know if the template could support this difficult question.


I’m always amazed with the level of involvement in most of our workshops but this specific testing, this was something different. The experience of that day was completely new to me. And it shows exactly why you should share your work. Firstly, I never realized, so many businesses in agriculture are a family business, which adds an extra level of difficulty with the ‘business’ element of the case. And secondly, thinking about the future of your business, is thinking about your own future, which is incredibly personal. Combine these two and add one template that has to support the entrepreneurs from getting from the beginning to the end and you create an incredible, valuable and emotional experience. The results I could not have predicted and I don't think I've ever been more proud of something we've designed. Oh yes, in one day we've observed room for improvement on more than a number of parts of the template. But the proud look on the face of one of the entrepreneurs while explaining her vision to the rest of her family is one I am not likely to forget. And it feels incredible that I helped contribute to that.

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