June 10, 2013
Alex o 4 news
Written by: dennis luijer

Schoolboy Connection

JAM goes way back with mr. Osterwalder. We were fortunate enough to have a schoolboy connection with the producing force behind the book. When we met Patrick van der Pijl, and were still a start-up company at heart, we supported Alex’s challenge of making the canvas “fit’ visually. Oddly enough we met up with Alexander even a year before that in his office in Geneva, where he organized a workshop with Dave Gray, CEO of XPLANE at the time and by now well known for his expertise on the connected company & gamestorming. Now that we all have moved on some years it was a pleasure to see Alex present his next step in working with the business model canvas. In our own office complex at ZUIDPARK!

the 7 cogs of the CANVAS

Alex has always said that the actual use of the canvas lies in prototyping your business, but for most business types this comes with one big drawback. The act of prototyping is a part of the DESIGN domain and is not something that you can just turn on. You have to be made aware of the purpose of playing, tinkering, building, tearing down, failing and reconstructing a design. And once you have been made aware you will have to learn DESIGN…With Alex’s next step he takes the canvas and shows you what makes it run, by making you aware of the mechanics of the canvas.I won’t go a lot deeper then show you my notes… I hope they inspire nonetheless and stimulate you to go and find your inner business designer…;). In the end Alexander tells us we are going to be better strategizers…equipped with better tools. Check out his own business model and online product on: STRATEGYZER


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