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June 10, 2013
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Written by: dennis luijer


SIEMENS is known for a lot of things, but I did not know that fire sensors are the main product in their safety portfolio. First comes the SWING, a new wireless smoke detector and then come the services and added supporting products that make the product part of a system without having to lay down kilometers of wire to make you safe from unexpected “HOTSPOTS”.

JAM was a guest at the SIEMENS stand of the safety & security fair in Amsterdam RAI,#SSA13. In order to engage the SIEMENS-guests at their stand, we were invited to draw out future visions of safety & security. It was amazing to see that the vision of a cloud harnesses a lot of challenges for the future…but almost everyone was talking about this new virtual phenomenon as the solution to all of our safety threats.


Our minister of Security & Justice Mr. Ivo Opstelten was scheduled to come pay us a visit, which is why JAM started to prepare a THINKING SPACE of a FUTURE CITY. This resulted in a visual which guided the compact dialogue between SIEMENS expert Michel Goderie and the minister. It revealed the core belief for success in a safe and secure city. Mr. Opstelten’s visit was summarized with the message that safety would not exist without communication of everyone involved. With this committed statement he signed the vision of a dynamic safe city in 2020. Where safety is guaranteed by clear and fast communication between integrally operating teams headed up by the mayor.


For JAM the Safety and Security Fair resulted in over 70 sketches of visions and related subjects. The two man team of Dennis Luijer and Wilco Prinsen was powerful enough to design some great visuals of the visions of fair participants and resulted in some great conversations with SIEMENS! We learned a lot about the way people look at the future from different perspectives and how we translate thought to paper. There is no right way to do this…just your own.

Results of these days will hopefully be shared soon!





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