WAVE of TRENDS - part1

May 19, 2013
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Written by: Dennis Luijer


A while back JAM was invited by GOC (www.goc.nl) to think of a way to connect with the creative industry to share the trends that shape its advancement. Think of balancing multimedia or what to do with your profile? These trends have big consequences for users/consumers, but have huge opportunities for the creative industry!  Normally GOC would organize a yearly event where they would present the current trends in book form and engage their network after its presentation. But GOC has picked up on its own trends and decided to connect with the creative industry instead of simply presenting its findings in a book.

Riding the WAVE of trends
An experiment was started to see if JAM could visualize this years trends as approachable situations. These wave connected visuals would be used to share 6 trends at different events hosted by the domains in the creative industry. The point is to share and improve the 6 trends, expose business opportunities & bring the different domains in the creative industry together to strengthen their shared position in our dutch innovative culture. Quite a challenge. At this time we have shared the Wave of Trends at The Festival of Games and at the What Design Can DO festival. The people of Netwerk6 have made a 2 minute movie of the festival of games. The next movie wil be presented in part2 of this article. The #waveoftrends , #GOCtrends is rolling! 

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